Whatever you need, Watelves can provide you with the best service.

Founded in the charming city of Quanzhou, with the inspiration of encouraging people to go outdoors, at Watelves fashion, we share the passion of outdoor culture and challenge ourselves in the mountains, water, and deserts of the planet we love so much. Starting with IDEAR buried in our hearts, we choose fine materials and then make samples. After many modifications, we will present you with the best water shoes.

We started designing water shoes that you can relax in, water shoes that you can act in, or water shoes that you can work comfortably if you are on your feet all day.

Watelves fashion has grown and is now run by a passionate team committed to providing you with the most comfortable and practical footwear and gear as the adventure supplement that pushes you to get out and start your adventure, start your travel.

Our mission is to create innovative high-performance footwear and gears that reflects our love of adventure and our devotion to the outdoors because we believe life is enriched through adventure, travel, and community.